Don’t chose shine over health. Learn the benefits of using unpolished dal over polished dal.

Pulses (aka dal) are beyond doubt the most important ingredient of an Indian meal. In fact pulses are the most important source of proteins for the vegetarians. Moreover, whether you’d agree with me or not, I’ve always found them delicious. And, besides serving them as a curry, pulses can be used to make several other delicious cuisines e.g. Dahi Vada, Dal pakodas, Puran Poli, Khasta Kachori, imarti and many more.
Now, it’s time that I talk about the polished and unpolished dal. If you’ve been doing your kitchen shopping, you might have noticed that the stores might have several varieties of pulses, some with a shining smooth surface, while other with a rough dull luster. And, unfortunately, people tend to buy the shining dal without knowing that it is inferior to its crude version in terms of the health benefits it offers.

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